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B3D Design offers companies high-quality windfarm video services. It is very important that your company can present itself in a clear way. However, this can be a difficult task for offshore companies. Installations are often difficult to film. They are very high or located underwater. That is why you can count on our professional visualisation possibilities. We make a clear visualisation of the construction of a windfarm that is perfect for a tender presentation. Read on and find out exactly what we can do for you.

Windfarm video services for a tender presentation

Count on B3D Design for windfarm video services and architectural animation services. For future windfarms, which are just an idea, and no construction has been started yet, we make animations. With such a windfarm construction visualisation, you can show your customers what the windfarm will look like in the future and how it can be built. That is why a windfarm construction visualisation is ideal for a tender presentation, because with our animations, companies can find investors, inform people and build up a reputation. For such a documentary production, we use different tools. For example, we can use drones to make impressive aerial images. Further, we fall back on a combination of video services and animation.

Our different services

Based on our extensive library of 3D models and experience, our artists create an animation for a clear visualisation for a tender presentation of your windfarm. Animation makes it possible to clearly present elements that are difficult to visualise. For example, deep sea animations. With more insight into what your company does, it is immediately more compelling. Therefore, count on our windfarm video services for professional results.

Contact us for a windfarm construction visualisation

Are you interested in our video services for a visualisation of your windfarm construction? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Call +31 (0)70 4400797 or +31 (0)6 51 075440, send an e-mail to Feel free to ask us questions too. We will be pleased to help you. On our website you can also find some examples to get a better idea of a visualisation of your windfarm construction for a tender presentation.