Moving 3D models from the screen into your very hands

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Your projects brought to life.

Imagine owning a full-color, museum-quality scale model of the pride of your fleet! The use of 3D printing opens up a world of possibilities to showcase your vessels’ capabilities to corporate visitors and to potential clients.

Whether it be an impressive show model or small test parts for engineering studies, B3D’s computer designers and 3D assembly crews achieve a 100% level of fine detail. We work with your blueprints and engineering data to validate your designs before you even begin ship construction, taking guesswork out of the equation.

B3D Design is already renowned in the offshore industry for our amazing, lifelike animations. Please contact us to learn how we can transform your ideas into 3D-printed reality. We’d love to hear from you by email at Let’s start building together!

Bringing 3D to the
Real World

In addition to creating 3D models and animations on screen, we have acquired a new, large-scale printer to create models whose dimensions exceed those of what most printers can achieve. What’s more, the intricacy of the high-definition detail brings an unexpected level of realism to the product. Potential industrial applications may involve product prototyping, demonstrations or test models. Today’s top engineers all agree that a hands-on 3D creation gives more than an extra dimension to their designs.

The Process

It all starts with making a 3D design of the object you want to create. This design is made using a 3D computer modelling program. At B3D we have years of experience creating these 3D models. Once the object is created, we convert it to a printable file. As soon as this file is in our library, we can move effortlessly to the final 3D printing stage. The precise, high-resolution quality of a large-scale ship model is truly impressive.

The future —

3D printing, although experiencing quite rapid advancements, is still a relatively young invention, and its applications are rather broad. It might turn out to be just a novelty, or it could be here to stay, evolving into a device that everyone will have in their homes within the next few years. We never know what the future will bring, but B3D for one has already become specialized in the processes and workings of 3D printing. As in everything we do, B3D is committed to being ready for any challenges in the exciting future of technology!