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After 25 years of experience using the latest 3D hardware and software, specialising in remarkably realistic water simulations, we have risen to the top of our industry in creating photo-realistic animations that truly bring your audience into the heart of the action.

Our Approach

By utilising our leading-edge software and hardware tools, we have created a massive 3D model library containing a wide variety of vessels and physical objects used in the offshore and near-shore industries. This library will continue to grow as these industries expand the scope of their innovative equipment.

Production Software

Once our clients have completed their full-scale, computerised engineering studies, we convert those complex designs using the latest in 3D animation software (e.g., 3D Studio Max), in combination with specialised high-end, post-production rendering engines (e.g., After Effects, FinalCut and Photoshop), to bring your project to life with impressive and unforgettable custom imagery.

B3D Design creates animations with photo-realistic accuracy, specialising in above- and underwater environments.

Projects —

Don’t let a single moment escape — we’ll help you express your vision with unforgettable clarity and impact.