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At B3D Design, we are specialised in using a drone for filming and photography and for conducting inspections. We notice an increased demand for aerial filming and photography, which is why we use a drone for land surveying, amongst other things. Our drones are easy to deploy and our team exists of three professionals. This ensures that the drone is used in a safe manner. We are happy to tell you more about our services.

Expanding your horizon with drone inspections 

Thanks to a drone, we can conduct inspections without posing a risk to personal safety and it is also an amazing addition to traditional methods of filming and photography. Sometimes, it can be dangerous to carry out an inspection in difficult places. When you use a drone, you see what is going on more clearly and you do not have to put one of your employees at risk. Our drones are equipped with a stabilisation system, which ensures clear images. Various high-end cameras can be mounted on the system, so that the drone can also be used for land surveying and land visualisations. Our professional team is equipped with all the required offshore certificates. The team consists of a pilot, a camera operator and an observer. You can’t just hire us for drone inspections, but also for top-quality dredging film simulations and a wide range of other services. When you choose us for filming and photography or for land surveying with a drone, you are assured of quality-images and professional service.

Conduct land surveying with a drone  

From our location in The Hague, in the Netherlands, we are specialised in film, photography and 3D printing. Our experts gladly give you advise about our services and specialisations. Do you want to hire us for drone inspections, land surveying or for filming and photography with a drone? Please contact us and call +31 (0)70 4400797 or +31 (0)6 51075440.

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