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During the pre-visualisation phase of the video production process, we map out the visualisation of complex installations. B3D Design works with animations based on a very extensive library of 3D models. This way we always obtain the best end result. We are specialized in offshore installations. Read on and discover more about the pre-visualisation phase.

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The importance of pre-visualisation

Creating a 3D animation is very complex and time-consuming. Therefore, a meticulous methodology is important during the pre-visualisation process. For example, you can hire us for the visualisation of wind turbines. These are often placed on a windfarm platform. If you want to clearly show their subsea activities in the video, it is important that we get a good idea of how everything works during the pre-visualisation phase. We then use After Effects and other cutting-edge software to create the photo-realistic imagery for your video.

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