Plastic Catcher System ‘Catchy’

Client: Allseas

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Start project: 05-2020
End Project: In progress



Writing film script & Interview questions
Be on-site to film various action & Interviews (Handheld camera)
Editting film, inclusing post-proccesing footage (multiple control rounds with client to ensure perfect end-result)
Creating 3D Animation for the film (Creating 3D enviroment and models)
Writing & Recording Voice-Over


Waste, primarily plastic, has become a serious problem for the environment, especially our seas and oceans.
Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch authority for public works and water management, is looking into ways to collect
the waste in rivers before it can spread to the sea. For the Nieuwe Maas River in the Netherlands,
Rijkswaterstaat commissioned Allseas to develop a waste collection system for the Vijfsluizer harbour,
located between the cities Schiedam and Vlaardingen.

B3D design was commisioned by Allseas to create several film projects about the system they deveolped.
We have creation presentation, construction video’s and have filmed the first tests. These video’s
were used on several digital platform, bnorth internal and externally of Allseas.

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