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Are you looking for an expert in ship construction visualisation? At B3D Design, we are a leader in 3D offshore productions, and we can provide you with a virtual ship design. We also specialise in film productions and photography, and it is our goal to showcase your company to express your vision. Read along to discover more about our services.

A realistic ship construction visualisation that makes your company stand out 

Do you want to introduce your product in an innovative and creative way? Our 3D product design services consist of creating a 3D virtual ship design and a realistic ship construction visualisation. We know that 3D printing has unlimited potential and that is why we use this technology to create prototypes, demonstrations or test models for your enterprise. In our 3D animation studio, we are now able to print these models for real. We do this by using an additive process, which means that successive layers of very hot plastic are applied until the model is complete. If you hire us to create a 3D virtual ship design and make your company stand out, you will benefit from the latest technology and a high-quality ship construction visualisation.

Let us create a virtual ship design in 3D  

While the technology of 3D printing is quite in its infancy, the possibilities are broad. Your ship construction visualisation will surely attract new customers. We are specialised in the processes of this technology, so we are ready to assist you with every new challenge. Do you wish to receive more information about our services regarding 3D virtual ship design? Please contact our office in The Hague, in the Netherlands, by calling +31 (0)70 4400797 or +31 (0)6 51075440 or by sending an e-mail to

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