Backhoe Dredger ‘How Does It Work’

Client: Van Oord

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Start project: 05-2021
End Project: 09-2021



Writing film script
Creating 3D Models (modelling, texturing, rigging)
Creating 3D Animation
Editting film, inclusing post-proccesing footage (multiple control rounds with client to ensure perfect end-result)


For Van Oord we create several animation per year detailing their equipment. This animation was created
to explain to people (non-proffesional) how a backhoe dredger works, what its capabilities are,
on what projects they can be used, etc.

Bthroughout the years we perfected a stule for Van oord to use in these animations so we don;t have to waste time
discussing style, lenght, etc. As soon as they want an animation we can start direct and fill out questions later.

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